September 5, 2019

Who is the man that fears God?

The man who fears God, and desires truly to know him, has some little measure of godliness. 

The man who has begun to trust the Saviour whom God has set forth as the great propitiation for sin, has a blessed measure of godliness. 

The man, whose communion with God is constant, whose earnest prayers and penitential tears are often observed of the great Father, and who sighs after fuller and deeper acquaintance with the Lord, - this man is godly in a still higher sense. And he who, by continual fellowship with God has become like him, upon whom the image of Christ has been photographed, for he has looked on him so long, and rejoiced in him so intensely, - he is the godly man. 

The man who finds his God everywhere, who sees him in all the works of his hands, the man who traces everything to God - whether it be joyful or calamitous - the man who looks to God for everything, takes every suit to the throne of grace, and every petition to the mercy-seat, the man who could not live without his God, to whom God is his exceeding joy, the help and the health of his countenance, the man who dwells in God, - this is the godly man. 

This is the man who shall dwell forever with God, for he has a God-like-ness given to him; and in the Lord's good time he shall be called away to that blessed place where he shall see God, and shall rejoice before him forever and ever.

Charles Spurgeon

An excerpt from the sermon: Prayer, The Proof of Godliness

Psalm 32:6, For this shall everyone that is godly pray unto thee in a time when thou mayest be found.

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