July 3, 2019

Is it Worth it to Exclude God from Your Life?

Ecclesiastes is a book of wisdom sayings that examines the meaning of life’s endeavors, the value of common wisdom, and the problem of injustice.

There is a phrase that is frequently repeated in this book which is, "Vanity of vanities." The word vanity is mentioned 38 times in this book, so there must be something important about those pursuits in life that are brief, or idolatrous. Pursuits that result in a continuous experience of futility. 

Any pursuit, pleasure or satisfaction of anything without regard for God, it is all vanity. It's futile. Its focus is a demonstration of idolatry because the attention given to it above God is a sin.

The text refers to the phrase, “chasing after wind”, which would be more like a feeling of frustration of the spirit, or frustration of ambition for the unattainable. 

The question then becomes, “Is what you’re pursuing after, seeking pleasure from, attempting to find satisfaction in is it worth it in the totality of life when God is excluded from your life? 
What will it benefit you in the end when you die and then have to face God?” 

There is no profit in those resources that are temporal if all hope and trust is placed there without regard for God. It's just not worth pursuing, but God is.

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