June 3, 2019

Two Inseparable Life Experiences: Suffering and Glory

It cannot be forgotten that because we live in an imperfect world, it would be unrealistic to think that Christians would be free from the experience of troubles in this present life.
The experience of suffering and glory cannot be separated, for they were both experienced by Jesus, and shall be the experience of the believer too.
These two experiences also speak of the times they will be experienced - now and in the future. One is temporary and the other is eternal.
They are also incomparable. What awaits the believer in the future far outweighs (2 Cor 4:17) anything that ever happens in our lives now.
The troubles you face today will result in a glorious triumph in the future where there will be no suffering or worry, but many songs of worship. Why not sing and worship the Lord now instead of worrying? Which would be better for your soul? I think you know the answer. 😉
This life is a guaranteed experience of various trials (James 1:3) and they are incomparable to the glorious eternal life that awaits those who have been born again to a living hope (1 Peter 1:3) in Jesus Christ.
Just remember, when things in this life are not going so well today, the best truly and gloriously is yet to come.

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