June 25, 2019

Are you content with weaknesses?

Do you take delight in when you are weak? How about when you are sick? Now here is a hard one. Do you find pleasure when diagnosed with a disease, even if it’s terminal?

It sounds a bid sadistic doesn’t it? Take pleasure in feeling weak? Be content with feeling sick? Really? Who ever has really felt content about being sick, and who actually is delighted in the reality of feeling physically weak, temporarily or terminally sick? There are very, very, very few people who actually do and it’s not that they love the experience of it either. I know that I’ve not been happy feeling sick - ever.

There was one gentleman whom I met a little more than 3 years ago who was diagnosed with cancer and while he wanted to be healed from the disease, he wasn’t happy about it in the beginning. It was only as the disease consumed more of his body and brought him to becoming more and more physically weak and sick did he have a hopeful perspective of seeing Jesus rather soon.

A majority of people don’t like it when they feel weak, or sick because they wish they had the physical strength to return to a normal activity of a healthy life. Being sick is not fun and many people have desperately wanted the short-term illness that feels like forever, to be over quickly. You've been there and done that too, haven't you?

A friend of mine was in the hospital recently, for an unexpected experience with her kidneys that were failing and she needed immediate help from the hospital. I know that she was asking for prayer that the Lord would heal her, and it was my prayer as well for her.

While this was a scary moment for her and her family, she is getting better and I know that she thanks God and praises Him for seeing her through that experience of her life. Could it have been much worse? Yes. Was it? No, and that should cause anyone to not only reevaluate their life before a just and holy God, but also to use their weakness, whatever it may be, as an opportunity to glorify God.

My wife just had a root canal done after a temporary crown on one of her teeth had come off. No one EVER likes getting a root canal done and probably the most common words spoken it are the complaints about the pain that is experienced and the discomfort after the root canal is finished. The price tag for it is nothing to cheer about either.

If you have not read John Piper’s short book, Don’t Waste Your Cancer it’s a good book that he wrote it on the evening of his prostate surgery. I read this book in November 2015 and it definitely gave me a better perspective on how to handle such an experience that I might have and how to glorify God more than dwelling in discouragement, depression, discomfort or distress.

Regardless of what the weakness, sickness, or disease is Piper says, “What God permits, he permits for a reason. And that reason is his design. If God foresees molecular developments becoming cancer, he can stop it, or not. If he does not, he has a purpose. Since he is infinitely wise, it is right to call this purpose a design.”

So, it is important to understand that God permits us to go through experiences of physical weakness, temporary sickness, or even a terminal disease and we must seek to understand the purpose for such an experience in our lives.

The last time that you were physically weak, or temporarily sick did you ask God to help you understand the purpose for that in your life? Were you content about the situation? Was God glorified through your life regardless of how long, or short-lived the experience was? If you didn’t, I’m not writing this to make you feel guilty, but to help you, or someone else to make sure that the next time you feel more delight in the weakness or sickness that you will face in the future.


The next time you face something in your life that wasn’t quite what you were hoping for, just remember that God has a purpose for you to experience it and it’s an opportunity to take pleasure in the fact that you get to rely on God’s strength, where you have very little strength.

If it’s a temporary sickness, or a terminal disease that too is an opportunity to be content with the forthcoming experience regardless of the outcome because it’s also an opportunity to draw even closer to God.

So, remember that when you feel helpless and vulnerable Jesus Christ can and will give you the ability to endure what’s ahead for you with a delight and joy for God and his will being fulfilled in your life.

Don’t pray for the adversity to be removed, pray that God will strengthen you to endure it and rely more upon the Omnipotence of God than your feeble strength.

Paul Barnett says in his commentary of 2 Corinthians, “The grace and power of God interlock with human lives at the point of mortal weakness.” The message of 2 Corinthians: power in weakness (p. 179). Leicester, England; Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

Just remember that when you find yourself physically weak, temporarily sick, or terminally ill, you are in a great position to delightfully meet the grace and power of God for your life.

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Bev Aronson said...

Last Saturday I woke up unable to walk. Scary - took 2 aides, one on each side of me to lift my legs so I could step with walker in front of me so I could get into my wheelchair and into the bathroom.
Your email arrived with perfect timing! I have not been content with my progressive weakness from the seizures, but mostly discontent with the resulting lack of independence.
Your email washed over my soul with such healing.
Thank you, dear brother!
Love you - Bev