February 3, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Praying the Bible

Praying the BiblePraying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney
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I had read a blog post about this book a few years ago and was challenged by the concept of praying using verses of Scripture, to experience a more substantive time of prayer. The blog post was a great start, but I never kept up with the discipline to continue to pray using Scripture. Now that I've read this book, and followed the author's direction in chapter 7 I believe, I stopped reading, selected a Psalm according to the day (2 February) and I read and prayed for 7 minutes using Psalm 32:1-3 and what a difference that time of prayer was using Scripture to help guide me in what to say and how thankful I am that God has forgiven me and that my sin is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. What a blessing it is, this gift that God has given to me, what He has done for me, to forgive me and not charge my sin against me and that I've been completely honest about it too. God knows if I'm being deceitful about it too, so I can't hide it either. He knows and sees all things anyway!

During my short time as a pastor, I've know people who have had some difficulty praying substantively, or feeling that their prayers were so dry and weren't reaching further than the room they were in, but they did believe that God heard them though. How often is it too that a person prays the same things about the same things and it never changes. This book will change that and breathe new life into your prayer life.

This is a great book and I'm glad I finally read it, and certainly wish that I had read it MUCH SOONER. Now, even through my daily bible reading plan, I'm aware of how I can pray using various verses, or passages from Scripture, to help me have a prayer life where I feel much more closer to God than I have before.

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