July 1, 2017

If You Want to See God, Read Your Bible

I love reading my Bible.  Do you?  I have enjoyed reading the Bible through Professor Grant Horner's bible reading plan that opened up so much of the Bible to me while reading 10 chapters each day.

But when it comes to reading the Bible, it should be an experience for each person to encounter the Living God and to hear God's voice speaking to us through the text.  We should not just know from where we are citing a passage of Scripture, to ourselves or for someone else, but we should even more grasp a sense of the depth of what the text speaks of, for our edification and to the glory of God.

John Piper has produced this short video regarding those two things: reading your Bible and the glory of God.

After all, Sunday is coming and you're going to hear your pastor preach from a specific passage of Scripture and may everyone see the glory of God in Scripture - always.

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