November 24, 2015


Well, it certainly has been a long while since I last shared a post here.

There's quite a bit to catch up on too.

In one of my past posts, I shared with you that my family and I had arrived in Arlington, Texas where I was going to serve as the pastor of a small church, but unfortunately, a year later, that didn't quite work out so well and I had to resign.

But 11 months later, after beginning a new work experience in Financial Services with a MassMutual in Ft. Worth, I had a scheduled meeting with one of my clients and little did I know how encouraging that appointment would be for me.  It was and I'm grateful even more, for how God used Steve Farrar, to let me know that God was still going to use me.  Neither of us knew where or when, but Steve wanted to encourage me and to have faith that He would.

So, on August 7th, I was in Flower Mound visiting with a client of mine and he says hello to this guy and introduces me to him and it's Steve Farrar.

His name isn't popular, as a pastor, but he's written several books for men and as I shook his hand, I said to him with embarrassment that it was nice to meet him and haven't read ANY of his books, but I will, eventually. He jokingly said they probably weren't any good and I shook my head in disagreement knowing they are, based on others who've commented about them.

Steve was informed that I served as a pastor and was working in the insurance/financial services field and after I gave him a 30 second summary of what happened and he told me that he had to resign too and that he became depressed for 3 years after that. 3 years! 

Then Steve said to me, "God's not done with you yet. He'll use you again.", and he then said think about all the people in the bible whom God used greatly, after they had something happen to them where they felt they couldn't be used by God anymore.

The first person that came to my mind was the Apostle Peter, who said he would die for Jesus, denied knowing him 3 times and he was the first person whom Jesus said to tell him that He had risen from the grave. Steve then just said to me again, "God's not done with you yet. He'll use you again."

Then my client, after Steve said goodbye and left, began to choke up with tears filling in his eyes and he tried to calmly convey the real reason I met with him and he said, "Your appointment wasn't with me. It was with him."

Just about 3 months later, after a series of unexpected phone calls and preaching visits to a church in Port Neches, Texas, I've been called to serve as the pastor of Magnolia Church and what a blessing being here has been, too!

While I had wondered if God would ever use me again, looking back at that meeting on that day was just another example of God showing me that He did have plans that will be fulfilled in His timing and it makes me love Him all the more, when I haven't been as loving and faithful to Him as I should be, but I'm working on it.

God's not done with you yet. He'll use you again.

Have a blessed day, everyone.  I'll be writing another post soon.  I PROMISE!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, 
for his steadfast love endures forever.

Psalm 136:1

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Joe said...

So glad to hear this Kurt. May God bless you in this new chapter of serving Him.