November 22, 2012

No longer a hope deferred

At the beginning of the summer this year, our hope of becoming pregnant had become a reality for us, but was only short lived.

Memorial Day weekend 2012,  my wife experienced an early miscarriage at 5-6 weeks gestation and it was devastating.

On Friday, just before the weekend began, she had a blood test done to confirm whether or not she was pregnant.  Then over the weekend, she was experiencing intense cramps and heavily bleeding that was very abnormal too and she didn't feel well for the rest of the weekend either.

Then on Tuesday, she visited the doctor and explained what had happened to her over the weekend and they recommended another blood test, to help determine definitively the experience she was having.

On Wednesday the results came back.  Friday's test was positive, but Tuesday's test came back negative meaning, Kristi was pregnant but had experienced an early miscarriage.  I was upset and I know Kristi was too, but we've both grieved about this privately.

I went to meet with my pastor, to talk about something else, only to lead with this event first.  He's counseled quite a few people who've gone through this too, some at even later stages in the pregnancy, which has made the loss even greater and for some, to question God's purpose for such to happen to them.  I know I did.

But I was greatly reassured through Pastor Phil's prayer for me that one day, I would see my child again and he encouraged me to look forward to being reunited with our child, just as David knew, he would one day be reunited with his child. (2 Samuel 12:16-23, ESV)

So, for months, even before this experience, we've been trying to become pregnant.  Increasingly becoming frustrated and yet forgetting that the time for us to get pregnant was according to God's will and His timing.

Well, finally the timing has happened and now get to look forward to a wonderful new addition to our family, which has been a deep longing in my heart that God has now fulfilled and I thank and praise Him for such a gift to be given to us.

Fortunately, Kristi has had some morning sickness, she's been very tired lately and slept more than usual too, but these are all signs of a good, healthy start to being pregnant.  Although she was terribly sick over the past 2 days, it doesn't seem that it is related to her pregnancy, but she's feeling 100% better than she was 2 days ago and thank you to many of you who were praying for her too.

Now that she's 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow, I've just been waiting to burst with the news and finally let everyone know that we're going to have a baby in June of next year!

"For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted to me my petition that I made to him."  1 Samuel 1:27, ESV.

This gift from God is a wonderful reason Kristi and I have to be thankful today and always.

Happy Thankgiving to all of you.

Pastor Kurt & Kristi


Joe said...

Kurt, that is wonderful news. God bless you and your wife as you get ready for this next chapter of life!

Kurt Michaelson said...

Thanks Joe. We're both excited and looking forward to it very much. Have a blessed day, my friend.