March 5, 2012

God may be seasoning you as a vessel of mercy

"The vessels of mercy are seasoned with afflictions, and then the wine of glory is poured in." ~ Unknown

Ray Comfort once told me, "God usually breaks a man before He makes the man."  My pastor's wife is recovering from cancer surgery and started her chemotherapy treatment today.  She picked out a cute wig to wear when her hair falls out.  She is sharing her thoughts and feelings with all of us as a church body through email.  Her amazing husband Rex is courageously leading his bride through each day, comforting her, providing for her, and protecting her from a thousand scary thoughts and feelings.  As a couple, they inspire thousands through their faith and courage.  I recently asked Rex if he would fill in for me as teacher at my church Marriage and Family class.  Due to this new trial in his life, Rex shared with more unfiltered honesty, joy, and wisdom about loving his wife and raising his children than ever before.  The men in the room raved all week about what they had heard that night from this seasoned mentor.  Tenderness of heart, genuine humility, wisdom, and compassion are the bold flavors that develop in the hearts of those whom God has seasoned with affliction.  Through Rex and Sherry, God is pouring out the fine wine of his glory for the rest of us to enjoy.  If you are experiencing trials and affliction right now, have you considered that God may be seasoning you as a vessel of mercy, to be filled with a new glory to be poured out for the blessing and healing of others?

~ Kirk

The story above is from Kirk Cameron who shares his thoughts in a weekly email that is sent out from the ministry of Living Waters.  The photo is not the couple mentioned in this story.

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