April 2, 2011

What should we do when the Doctrine of Scripture is taught incorrectly?

What are we supposed to do, when we hear things such as this, from the video below, which are clearly in error from the pulpit?

If what is taught in this video is true, then the biggest problem the church has doctrinally speaking, is that God is not Omniscient (all-knowing).

Should someone then be identified as a false teacher, as noted in 2 Peter 2?

This came from the blog, Slaughtering the Sheep

Is this doctrinally correct regarding what Jesse has taught? 

Read the text from the post and watch the video. I'm interested to read the comments that follow.

I hope that people may be wise to see and discerning to hear that this is blatantly false teaching and that it encourages greater discernment regarding those that teach similarly to this, especially if they endorse Jesse Duplantis' ministry to their congregation.

Pastors are shepherds and are to protect their congregation from falling victim to this type of false teaching, for they are wolves disguised as sheep (Matthew 7:25) and will suffer the consequences of their deceitful doctrine.

I am hopeful that those who may comment regarding the content of the video, will keep their comments directly related to what Jesse has said in the video and not boast about what Jesse has done, or how big his ministry is.

What should be done?  Should one continue to listen to him?  Should he be endorsed by pastors as one who is doctrinally sound regarding teaching the Bible?

Yes, this is one isolated video of Jesse Duplantis teaching something that is completely and doctrinally false.  There are other examples that could be included too that would further display his erroneous teaching of Scripture.

I look forward to reading your comments regarding the matter.

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Anonymous said...

I have read people's response to this topic and as an afterthought I decided to write,
Reading the bible literally is a waste of them, the word of God is life, and the Holy spirit is the greatest teacher of all, if you refer back to the beginnig of genesis before the fall of man , man or Adam in this case , knew God because then he had not become corrupted and therefore had an essence of Lord God in him which he didn't know because he could not dicern between good and evil, by Jesse referring to Adam as a god is not out of place, having God essence in him means also having knowledge of what is although he never knew, when man fell, the Lord God withdrew from man and therefore that which Adam had was also gone.. Over the millinia before the coming of Christ , God only reveal himself to a chosen few and if you are a bible reader you will know that this are the ones that we read of and the work they had done in the name of the lord, I e Moses, Samuel ......., the sacrifice of Jesus christ was to bring us once more to that privilege position we once enjoyed hence the statement from Jesus , know eye not that ye are gods" , then the holy spirit shall come upon you, wherefore what so ever you bind on earth shall be bind in heaven,
Greater works shall you do..........,
Proverb 1vs6, proverb 1vs 22-25. .......... For the Lord givest wisdom and out of his mouth comest understanding...