December 30, 2010

What She Read in the Newspaper, Saved Her Soul

A dying publican’s wife, in England, recently gave the following encouraging testimony, as narrated by the evangelist who visited her.  He says, “I was asked to go to a public house in Nottingham and see the landlord’s wife, who was dying.  I found her rejoicing in Christ as her Savior.  I asked her how she had found the Lord.  “Reading that,” she replied, handing me a torn piece of paper.  I looked at it and found that it was part of an American newspaper containing an extract from one of Spurgeon’s sermons, which extract had been the means of her conversion.  ‘Where did you get that newspaper from?’ I asked.  She answered: “It was wrapped round a parcel which was sent me from Australia.”  Talk about the hidden life of a good seed!  Think of that, a sermon – preached in London, conveyed to America, an extract reprinted in a newspaper there, that paper sent to Australia, part torn off (as we should say, accidentally) for the parcel dispatched to England, and, after all its wanderings conveying the message of salvation to that woman’s soul.  God’s Word shall not return unto Him void.

Charles Spurgeon, Prince of Preachers by Lewis Drummond

This book can be read online here via Google books.

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