October 28, 2010

Understanding My Calling

I am currently taking a Spiritual Formation Capstone class at seminary and I have an assignment to write what I believe God has called me to in ministry.

This assignment involves sharing what our calling is with a few classmates, to discuss the calling as well as any other matters that may either enhance or hinder our progress toward fulfilling God's call to ministry.

What follows next is what I have briefly written for this assignment.

As a result of seeking God, at this point in my life I understand my calling is to serve God in a pastoral/evangelistic role of ministry for His church.

A brief explanation of my calling is that I would serve as a shepherd of the church, preaching and teaching the Scripture in a systematic, expository manner on a weekly basis.

The benefit of this will primarily keep myself as the pastor and the congregation, submitted to the authority of Scripture as it is studied and proclaimed on a daily/weekly basis.

Regarding my calling to a role in pastoral/evangelistic ministry, there are three applications from Scripture regarding this, though this could be expanded even further, only three are briefly stated here:

First, my calling as a pastor, teaching and preaching through an exposition of Scripture will assist believers in strengthening their faith as they hear the word of God preached without compromise (Romans 10:17; Acts 20:27). Through the diligence of preaching and teaching the whole counsel of God in a systematic manner, believers will steadily grow spiritually and theologically, enabling them to develop a greater trust in God’s word and submit to the supreme authority of the Doctrine of Scripture.

Second, my calling as a pastor, teaching and preaching through an exposition of Scripture, neither I as the pastor, nor the congregation will avoid learning about the more difficult passages of Scripture as they are explained thoroughly, expounding the text of Scripture. The whole counsel of God must be declared in order for the church to have a greater contextual, biblical and theological understanding concerning what God has said that we should know better and more clearly than we do today.

Various exegetical methods of study and analyses will be utilized so that the congregation can gain a deeper biblical and theological understanding of Scripture as it is heard, which will enable them to correctly explain Scripture to others whom may have a misunderstanding of a passage. It will also benefit those who seek to understand a passage better for themselves, than they presently do right now. (2 Timothy 2:15)

Third, my calling as a pastor, teaching and preaching through an exposition of Scripture we, as a church, can follow the example of the first century church regarding evangelism, discipleship and missions to win the lost to Christ, teach believers how live in Christ and also to send people throughout the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. (Mark 16:15; 2 Timothy 2:2; Matthew 28:19-20)

These characteristics are currently present as I serve as a pastoral intern at First Assembly of God in Brookfield, CT where I have been given frequent opportunities to preach and teach the Scriptures. I regularly seek counsel from the senior pastor and the associate pastor after a preaching opportunity regarding improving my preaching and expository delivery of a sermon and apply any suggestions that are offered.

Through my continued service to the church at First Assembly and prayerfully seeking God regarding my future placement in ministry, these three applications stated above are also foundational for the establishment of a new church, in another local community as well.

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