July 19, 2010

What to Pray for New Believers

Last night, I was given the opportunity to minister to our congregation at our weekly Sunday evening prayer meeting.  The messages that are normally preached are focused either on encouragement toward stengthening our prayer lives or revival within the local church.

My message for this evening was titled, What to Pray for New Believers and an audio file has been uploaded, to this post, to listen to the message.  My text for this sermon came from Colossians 1:9-12 and I hope it is an encouragement to you and those whom you pray for.

If the true church of Jesus Christ, were to follow this example found here in Scripture, there very well could be many great beacons of light throughout the country that could win countless souls to Christ and change the world to the glory of God.

“We long to see the churches full, 
That all the chosen race,
May with one voice, and heart and tongue,
Sing His redeeming grace.”

This message can be heard and downloaded it for free at http://sermon.net/kurtmichaelson

I do apologize that there weren't any new posts over the past few weeks.  My wife and I went on vacation to visit her family for a week in Kansas and then we went to California to surprise my mother at her 60th birthday party.

Have a blessed week and stay tuned for more new posts.

Faithfully in Christ,


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