May 20, 2010

Where is your sin now?

A woman once came to me who was very upset.  After many ineffectual attempts, she was at last able to unburden her heart.  Fourteen years earlier she had killed a man and had borne the memory of the act upon her conscience until it had almost driven her crazy.  When she told the story to another Christian and myself, we turned to Isaiah 53:6. 
After reading the verse carefully to her, I asked her what the Lord had done with her sin.  After a few moments of deep and anxious thought, she said, "He has laid it on Christ."
All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.
I took a book in my hand.  "Now," I said, "let my right hand represent you, an dmy left hand Christ, and this book is your sin."  I laid the book upon my right hand, and I said, "Where is your sin now?"

She said, "On me."

"Now," I said, "What has God done with it?"

She said, "Laid it on Christ."

I laid the book over on the other hand.  "Where is your sin now?" I asked.

It was a long time before she could summon courage to answer; and then with a desperate effort she said, "On Christ."

I asked, "Then, is it on you any longer?"

Slowly the light came into her face, and she burst out with a cry, "No, it is on Him! It is on Christ."

How to Bring Them to Christ, R.A. Torrey. Whitaker House. 1984. (pgs. 50-52).

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