February 26, 2010

Invite to be a Guest Blogger: Part 1

In January of this year, I started my Pastoral Ministry internship at First Assembly of God in Brookfield, Connecticut, under the leadership of Pastor Phil Morgan.

Pastor Phil and I share quite a few things in common, of which a few are:
  1. A love for God.
  2. A love for His Word.
  3. The expositional preaching and teaching of His Word.
  4. The spiritual growth of people.
  5. Evangelism.
  6. Disicpleship.
  7. Blogging.

We visit each other's blog often and as much as I am learning from him as a pastoral intern, he has helped me to learn a few things about blogging too. We joke with each other gracefully about our eReaders too and who has the better one, he has a Nook and I have a Kindle.

When he asked me last week, to write a blog post as a guest for his blog, I was honored by his request and I was finally able to put something together for the blog.

So over at http://www.philmorgan.org/, you can read Part-1 of my post, The Perfect Teacher based on Galatians 3:24.

Any comments you may have are encouraged and appreciated.

Faithfully in Christ.

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