March 21, 2008

Video Gospel Tract

I recently saw this video clip from an episode of ER, which was one of my favorite shows to watch when I was in college right after serving in the Marine Corps (OOHRAH!)

This clip is an example of how the truth of the Bible has become something where man has made it more inclusive, or significantly minimized or completely removed the cross upon which Christ was crucified on, for the punishment of our sins.

This clip along with the previous post, "Jesus said, 'You must become born again'" is an excellent testimony to the truth of the Bible we are all called to obey and follow.

As much as a person wants to know and receive the blessings God will bestow upon those who love Him, we are equally responsible for knowing the consequences for being disobedient to Him.

This video is worth nine minutes of your time to watch and ponder the question, "Do you know the truths found in the Bible?"

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Jennifer said...

Hey, Kurt -- I just found this other cool video tract by Living Waters. Now I don't know which one I like better: