December 11, 2006

25 Ideas for how YOU can spread the Word

  1. Send a Bible to servicemen and servicewomen overseas
  2. Give one to the server at a restaurant (along with a generous tip!)
  3. When you travel, leave one in your hotel room for the housekeeper - also leave a note of thanks for his/her service
  4. Give one to the teller at the bank drive-through window
  5. Challenge your child to find someone at school who doesn't own a Bible and give one to them
  6. Give one to the business traveler next to you on the plane or on the commuter train
  7. Donate a stack to the church staff to give to those they visit or to needy people who come in asking for help
  8. Donate a box or two to your local homeless shelter
  9. Give a Bible to each of the parents at your child’s daycare
  10. Deliver some to the waiting rooms at local doctor's offices and hospitals
  11. Give a Bible to each guest at your wedding or your child’s wedding
  12. Include one in each of your May Day baskets
  13. Give a Bible to each person who visits your yard sale
  14. Leave a Bible with a bow in your mailbox for your mailperson
  15. If you use eBay, send a Bible along with every purchase someone makes from you as a free gift
  16. Donate a case or two to your child’s summer camp
  17. Give Bibles to your local library to send home with each book borrower
  18. Send Bibles to prisoners
  19. Send Bibles to oversea ministries
  20. Supply a local Army unit’s Chaplin with Bibles for their unit
  21. Include a Bible in your new neighbor’s housewarming gift basket
  22. Give one to your apartment maintenance person
  23. Donate a case to a charity in the name of a friend for a birthday/graduation/Christmas gift
  24. Deliver some to your local retirement facility
  25. Offer a Bible along with a tip to your hair stylist

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