April 28, 2006

I recently had the privilege to attend a School of Evangelism at the Billy Graham Training Center, in Asheville, North Carolina. The school was conducted over a three day period, filled with worship, teaching and the developing or renewal of friendships during the school. Attending this school was an amazing experience and I am so glad I decided to attend. I truly received more personally than I had ever thought I would experience.

As my walk with Christ has grown, I have experienced a deeper passion in my heart to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus had commanded before He ascended to heaven. Each day I try to remember in my personal prayer time, asking God to help me to see people in this world in the same way that He sees them. Many people today are like "sheep without a shepherd" and they clearly need to know and understand God's plan to save their life, especially before they die.

The School of Evangelism taught me a great deal about prayer, how to develop and present an evangelistic sermon, and how to implement the Operation Andrew strategy, of praying regularly for people and seeking opportunities to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

Billy Graham's evangelistic ministry has had an amazing impact on countless lives of people around the world. His passion to pursue people in knowing Jesus Christ as the only way in which a person can come to God, to see or even enter Heaven, and be forgiven of their sins to receive an eternal life in Heaven, is what also drives me.

I am excited about the things God has been doing in me, through me, and preparing me for, each new day of my life. Because of my attendance at the School of Evangelism, my relationship with Christ has become incredibly more intimate. To live and serve others like Christ is first and foremost in my life where I just want to please Him with my life more and more. My prayer life has become more focused and not just a time to get through a list of prayer for people, but to pray earnestly for those brothers and sisters in Christ and especially for those who need to know Jesus personally.

In everything, we must prepare through prayer and God will surely lead us and answer us, all according to His will. God bless you.

Semper fi in Christ.

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