March 28, 2018

Have you betrayed Jesus?

When it was evening, he reclined at table with the twelve. And as they were eating, he said, “Truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me.”  
Matthew 26:20-21

Jesus knew who would betray Him, what he would do and into whose hands He would be delivered. The omniscience of God here not only reveals that He knew what was about to happen to Him then, the Lord also knows all things pertaining to our lives today. Everything we’ve done, including those things we’re thinking about doing later.

This knowledge of God’s omniscience should cause us to look at our own lives and ask ourselves, “Have I been faithful in my relationship with Jesus, or have I been a fraud in my relationship with Jesus? Have I compromised my relationship with Jesus, by allowing other things, to become more valuable to have in my life, above the Lord?”

Judas betrayed Jesus into the authority of the Roman soldiers, but each one of us have betrayed Jesus to the authority of the Ten Commandments, as the Ten Commandments stand in judgment of our sin.

Remember this: As much as Jesus knows the worst things about you, He loves you still and the greatest demonstration of His love is His death on the cross, for your sin and mine.

Don’t betray Jesus by allowing something else to have authority over your life that will condemn you in God’s judgment, instead, repent of your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for you, to save you from God’s judgment.

That’s the Good News of Easter.

February 11, 2018

Earthly Gain or Eternal Satisfaction

Since we moved here to my mother's house, to temporarily live here while we get back on our feet financially, I wanted to make sure that we were attending a church where the preaching where the exposition of Scripture was the church's first priority, and it is. It is evident that it is because nearly everyone, young and old have their Bible with them, along with a notepad and a pen, to take notes, or make their own highlights while attending to the preaching of the Word.

This morning, we listened to a great and edifying sermon at Faith Bible Church in Murrieta, California this morning, from their series in 1 Timothy: House Rules. The sermon was based on 1 Timothy 6:2c-10, and is titled, Earthly Gain or Eternal Satisfaction.

January 26, 2018

​7 Signs of Hypocrites in the Church

This new year, I have started to read the Bible again from Genesis to Revelation, only it’s not a sequential order of reading. 

I’m following Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading Plan, which consists of reading 10 chapters of the Bible each day, from different genres of Scripture.

Through this reading plan the Gospels will be read four times, the Pentateuch twice, Paul’s letters 4-5 times each, the Old Testament wisdom literature six times, all the Psalms at least twice, all the Proverbs as well as Acts a dozen times, and all the way through the Old Testament History and Prophetic books about 1-1⁄2 times.

Each list of 10 chapters will never be read the same throughout this reading plan, but there will be a lot of times where the Scripture provides an understanding of interpretation of various subjects.

Upon my reading this morning in Matthew 23, the chapter heading says, “Seven Woes to the Scribes and Pharisees”.

The Pharisees were known as very religious people who believed that they were close to God by their outward display of religious piety. They knew the law of Moses, explained it to others and made sure the enforcement of obedience by others.

One might not think there are Pharisees today in the church, but there are and sometimes they cannot be recognized. They may not be wearing similar clothes to what is described in Matthew 23, but these types of hypocritical people can be identified by their actions, and each of these 7 woes that Jesus speaks about are actions that are displayed by those who portray to others an appearance of Christianity, but are instead hypocrites - people who are acting like they are Christians who are devoted to fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, yet have no devotion to obeying either command.

Hypocrisy keeps people from the church and it will be one terrifying time before the Lord when those people have to give an account for any portion of these 7 things listed here in Scripture.

January 13, 2018

How True is the Bible?

In the December 1974 issue of Time magazine (p. 41), there is a cover story titled, “How True is the Bible?” 

An excerpt from the article it says, “The breadth, sophistication and diversity of all this biblical investigation are impressive, but it begs a question: Has it made the Bible more credible or less? Literalists who feel the ground move when a verse is challenged would have to say that credibility has suffered. Doubt has been sown, faith is in jeopardy. But believers who expect something else from the Bible may well conclude that its credibility has been enhanced. After more than two centuries of facing the heaviest guns that could be brought to bear, the Bible has survived—and is perhaps the better for the siege. Even on the critics’ own terms—historical fact—the Scriptures seem more acceptable now than when the rationalists began the attack.”

More than a century earlier Charles Spurgeon wrote in his commentary The Treasury of David, vol. 1a, “The Bible has passed through the furnace of persecution, literary criticism, philosophic doubt, and scientific discovery, and has lost nothing but those human interpretations which clung to it as alloy to precious ore. The experience of the saints has tried it in every conceivable manner, but not a single doctrine or promise has been consumed in the most excessive heat.” 

That is absolutely true. The infidels of the ages have beat upon this rock. But the Word of God stands firm, and in the end, like Voltaire, unbelievers are broken by the rock rather than breaking it.

God's Word, especially His promises to act are trustworthy and reliable.

Leave a comment and share a time when the Word of God didn't fail you and proved trustworthy and reliable.


January 11, 2018

God, are you aware of what's happening in my life?

As I was catching up in my Bible reading plan last night, by Professor Grant Horner, I noticed in Matthew 8 and Genesis 8, two similar experiences.

In Matthew 8:23-27, the disciples were in a boat with Jesus but had experienced a terrible storm where they thought they were going to die. Jesus questioned them wanting to know why was their faith so weak when He was with them and by His words, He calmed the storm and they marveled at what He did.

In Genesis 8:1 it says that "God remembered Noah,..." and Noah had just experienced an unimaginable flooding of the whole earth where anything that wasn't in the ark was destroyed by the 40 days and nights of rain.

In both accounts there was a circumstance of danger, even the unknown of what REALLY was going to happen while in the midst of this terrible trial, even a test of their faith.

In both accounts, neither group of people knew what God was going to do in the midst of the storm, i.e., trial, or test of faith.

The only one who knew was God and while He allowed the storm, i.e., trial or test, to occur, each group had to trust God while they were going through the storm and both groups of people survived the storms and were in awe of what God did, to bring them to a new place in their lives, as witnesses to His sovereignty, power and also, something we may often overlook in both of these accounts, God's immeasurable compassion for those whom were going through a very difficult time in their lives.

Maybe there is something you're going through right now and you're asking God, "Help me, Lord! Don't you see what's happening in and around my life?? Won't you do something to help me??"

The lesson for us to learn is that no matter what it is that you're going through, God knows what's happening in your life and the trial (storm) you're going through.

The disciples were chastised for their lack of faith while Jesus was with them and Noah, he had never seen rain falling so massively that the whole world would be swallowed up in water, leaving only him and his family to survive. But he was obedient to God's direction, in preparation for the flood and obedience to God is something that must be strengthened, whenever we're going through a time that our faith is being immensely tested.

It's hard to say and believe it even more, because when you're in great need of help, you need it immediately and maybe don't have too much patience to wait for God to do whatever it is that He's going to do because it's getting close to where you feel like you're not going to survive the storm.

Just remember, Noah and his family didn't die during the flood and none of the disciples perished either in the storm they were in.

But in the midst of that storm, when we don't think God is aware of our situation, He is very aware and He knows exactly how and when He'll deliver you out of it all, at the right time and to the right place.

Last year, I was reading a book titled, Gleanings in Genesis by A.W. Pink while I was preaching a series of sermons about Abraham's experiences of success failure, his obedience and disobedience to God. Pink said, "Profession must be tested and at times the meal in the barrel will run very low. Look not at the famine but unto God's faithfulness." (p. 146)

I hope this may be an encouragement to you today. Stay strong in faith and trust the Lord. He knows what He is doing and He will deliver you, at the right time and to the right place. Things may seem lean right now, or they have been and I need this reminder too, as much as anyone else, but it's important to remember God's faithfulness.

He's been faithful throughout history in the Bible and there is no doubt that God has been faithful in the past to you, as He has to me and I must remain hopeful and believe that God will continue to be faithful today and tomorrow too.

I may not understand it for myself even at this moment, but God does and I've found this encouragement from reading His Word last night and I'm glad I did.

I hope tonight you'll be able to sleep peacefully as Jesus did, in the midst of the storm.

God is faithful and He won't stop being faithful to any of His children now.

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January 2, 2018

Walk with Integrity

The blessing of God’s wisdom to a person’s life is because of a lifestyle walk of integrity, as a Christian.  Job was known as a man of integrity before God (see Job 1:1).  He wasn’t a perfect man, but his walk with God was considered blameless; above reproach.

In addition to receiving God’s blessing to give a person wisdom for their lives because of their walk with God, He also protects their way too.  The word saints in this verse describes those who have a covenant relationship with God and they are faithful to Him.

To know the Lord is to know how to live.  How is your walk with God?  If you answer that it could be better, you're not alone.  The good thing is that every believer needs to have a better walk with the Lord.

Everyone’s walk with God could be better, so let’s strive together to live more closely with God, by reading His Word and obeying what He says.

Day 2: January 2, Proverbs 2
Proverbs 2:7-8

January 1, 2018

Reading Proverbs Daily Each Month

Several years ago, I had heard Edwin Louis Cole encourage the men attending the conference he was speaking at, to read the book of Proverbs daily throughout the month, gaining wisdom to face the day.

Dr. Cole advised that following this simple daily reading plan, "the truth and revelation in this book will give you knowledge, understanding and wisdom so you may exercise or practice your faith until you become skilled in righteousness, being able
to discern good from evil."

Another quote that I've enjoyed from Dr. Cole is when he said, "The principles and promises of the Bible are the keys to the Kingdom."  How true!

There was a man whom was part of the church I was fortunate to pastor, and reading Proverbs every day was his daily discipline.  I have heard that when he spoke, he spoke with wisdom and it wasn't so much that he may have been quoting a verse from Proverbs explicitly, but the Bible became his daily source of strength and for him, the exercise of daily growing in knowing God.

So here begins a new year, 2018, and I'll start again to read one chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the date of the month.  If you follow this format, you will read the book of Proverbs twelve times throughout the year.


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: 
but fools despise wisdom and instruction.  
Proverbs 1:7, ESV

The starting point of becoming a wise person is to know that God is supremely wise above all.  Only an arrogant person would believe themselves to be wise because they arrogantly reject the teachings of Scripture.

The Hebrew word for fool is the word evil, pronounced eh-veel and it describes a person who arrogantly rejects the God’s teachings from Scripture, as foolish, or an idiot.

So, someone who is foolish enough to reject the teachings of God from Scripture, it reveals the non-existent relationship that they have with Him.  However, someone who does have a relationship with the Lord, the level of knowledge gained is relevant to the depth of the revelation they have received from His Word.

Essentially, the deeper one grows in their relationship with God, the greater and stronger their relationship will be with Him because of how well and how much they know who God is, for themselves.

Surely, there are some wise people whom a person may benefit from their counsel, but there is none wiser than God and to have a healthy and proper understanding of the wisdom of God from Scripture is where we must all begin.

Whenever a believer reaches out to another believer for counsel, the counsel given should always be based on the Word of God and you can sense it too.

Many people are looking for direction for their lives at the beginning of this new year and God’s Holy Word is the place to begin to find wisdom in that direction.  

A direction that ultimately leads to Himself.  

Are you following His direction, or do you despise the wisdom that God has to offer for your life?

Have you betrayed Jesus?

When it was evening, he reclined at table with the twelve. And as they were eating, he said, “Truly, I say to you, one of you will betray ...